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Requirements for specific products according to EN

Product Marking Requirements – Coated Abrasives Requirements for specific products according to EN 13743:2009 Flap discs Flap wheels Spindle mounted flap wheels Coated vulcanized fibre discs Back-up pads for vulcanized fibre discs Trade name X X X X X Traceability code X X X X X Dimensions (mm) X X X X MOS (rpm or 1/min) X X X X X MOS (m/s) X X X X Restrictions to use X X X Declaration of conformity X X X X X oSa Logo X X X X X Colour stripe X X X X Private label number Must be used on all private label products bearing the oSa logo Trade name Must bear one of the following: · Company name · Registered brand name · Private company’s name · Private company’s registered brand name Traceability code number Although EN 13743 allows the code to be on the product or package, oSa will still require it to be on the product. It can be either: · Production / batch number · Date of production or series number Dimensions · Flap discs, flap wheels and coated vulcanised fibre discs: nominal dimensions · Spindle mounted flap wheels: nominal dimensions, diameter of the spindle and minimum clamping length · Ensure correct conversion of imperial bore sizes, e.g. 7/8” is 22.23 mm not 22.2 mm or 22 mm MOS – Maximum operating speed · Should specify the maximum possible speed that the wheel can be safely used at · This is the speed that is used to derive the test requirements · Should be taken from the table in Annex C of EN 13743 · For spindle mounted flap wheels, the maximum permissible speed of rotation as a function of the relevant overhang and the minimum length of spindle within the collet shall be given Restrictions to use · Shall be given in full length or by pictogram: RE 1 RE 3 RE 8 Not permitted for hand-held grinding Not permitted for wet grinding Only permitted with back-up pad This restriction only applies to abrasive products not for use on hand-held machines but capable of being mounted on such machines Abrasive product only suitable for dry grinding Abrasive product only for use with additional appropriate back-up pad Colour of pictograms according to ISO 3864-2 wherever possible Declaration of conformity All products should be marked: EN 13743 oSa Logo All products should be marked: By marking oSa on the product, the manufacturer is confirming that it meets the requirements of EN 13743 and the additional requirements stipulated in the Technical Annex of oSa Colour stripe See EN 13743:2009, Annex B Private label number All products bearing the oSa logo on private label products must also bear the five-digit oSa private label number. Execution of the marking · Must be legible to the naked eye. · Must be indelible. · Where possible the marking shall be on the coated abrasive product and back-up pad. It can be on the product itself or on a fixed label. · Products with diameter > 80 mm: When it is not possible to give all specified information on the product or label, the product itself shall at least be marked with the maximum operating speed in so far as the surface and shape of the product permits. · Products with diameter £ 80 mm, vulcanised fibre discs and spindle mounted flap wheels: The specified information can appear on a label fixed to the smallest packaging unit.

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