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欧洲标准EN European Standards EN 12413等
European Standards
European Standards, as for example the EN 12413 “Safety
requirements for bonded abrasives products” and EN
13236 “Safety requirements for super abrasive products”
stipulate legally binding safety parameters for grinding
tools. The testing procedure for grinding tools, included in
these norms, were developed in cooperation with the former
DSA (German grinding wheels committee) and mainly
by the MPA Hannover, for example for hand-held grinding
wheels, for tests of centrifugal force, side-load and testing
the working capacity with a drop hammer.
In the “Centre of Competence for Abrasive Tools (CCA)”,
the common laboratory of the MPA-Hannover and of the
Institute for metal forming and forming machines (IFUM) of
the Leibniz University
Hannover, all types
of tests for rotating
grinding wheels with
a diameter of 80 mm
to 1600 mm and a
weight of 660 kg are
performed. The testing
equipment of the
CCA also serve as the
scientific exploration
of rotating grinding tools Many, partially publicly funded
research projects (eg. of the DFG, VDS, AIF) and publications
have contributed not only to expanding the knowledge
of rotating grinding tools, but also to developing
new testing methods.
The MPA Hannover possesses the international accreditation
from DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for the testing of grinding
wheels and similar
products according to
EN 12413, EN 13236
and numerous other
international norms.
With this, the MPA
Hannover underlines
its position as
a leading European
Laboratory for rotating
grinding tools.
The test reports and security certificates, created by us,
have gained international importance. Both German and
foreign manufacturers of grinding and cutting wheels,
have their products tested on a voluntary basis, to mark
them with a MPA certificate number. For well-known
international importers it is only a matter of course that
their products are tested by us before they come on the.market.
An own representation
of the MPA-Hannover
in Shanghai, the
“Shanghai Sunzone
Business Consulting
Co. Ltd.” (.
mpa.net.cn), enables
the MPA-Hannover to
examine, in particular
the rapidly expanding
Chinese market to comply with European safety standards.
Testing for Manufacturers
The international accreditation of the MPA Hannover as a
testing laboratory for grinding wheels and similar products,
gives the client security that our test results are
acknowledged and accepted worldwide as a safety proof.
Test reports provide information about in the examination
established safety parameters, such as bursting speed
(centrifugal test), single-point and/or three-point side load
and work capacity (hammer test) with bonded abrasive
wheels (e.g. EN 12413) or rather the centrifugal force and
the measured values for the bending strength of diamond
grinding wheels (EN 13236). On the basis of one or more
test reports the manufacturer can demand a MPA certificate,
in which the compliance of the tested products with
the corresponding norm is certified.
Testing for importers
Before the dispatch of the grinding wheels, spot checks
are taken and sealed up in the country of origin by commissioners
or rather employees of the MPA-Hannover, or
neutral removal companies and then send to the MPA to
be further tested. These samples are tested for compliance
with the relevant standard security parameters. The
client receives a written test report that contains a summary
of the test results and which serves as proof for a
safety check, before the products go on sale.
Test for retailers and consumers
On request, we also test rotating grinding tools that are
already on the market. Furthermore, we prepare reports
for courts, insurances and labor inspectorates.